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Improving productivity with collaboration & automation

In an exclusive interview, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation talks to Jeremy Hadall, chief technologist of the Robotics and Automation division at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, an independent Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry. Wilkins: Tell me more about the HVM Catapult. How does robotics fit into the application? Hadall: The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is a collection of seven research organisations that work with industry to translate ideas and technology concepts into commercial applications. The seven centres are spread across the UK...

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Latest Automation & Robot Technologies Insight

Delivered by experts for the MTC’s Robotics and Automation teams, this course will provide you with a best practice appreciation of the latest robot technologies and their benefits, strategies for implementation and how to select the most appropriate technologies for your application. Delivery Face to Face Online Study 0 hours Training Centre Study 14 hours Workplace Study 0 hours Workplace Coaching 0 hours Cost £350 Level Introduction Prerequisites None September 12th – 13th 2017 – 9.30am Click here to find out more about this...

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Preparing for Disruption

Report from the McKinsey Technical Institute Automation’s challenge for policy makers, business leaders, and workers everywhere is a formidable one: how to capture the positive effect on the global economy, at the same time as navigating what is likely to be a complicated period ahead, one with potentially epochal social, economic, and employment repercussions. At a time of sluggish GDP growth and weak productivity gains—and when demographic trends are starting to work against growth in a broad range of countries—automation could serve as an unforeseen boon to the world economy. Yet anxieties about lost jobs and reduced incomes are...

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